La Lettre du Papier, 15/07

Exclusive interview with Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn (Global Executive Vice-President)
•Why are you re-launching Evolve now? What are your objectives?
The Evolve brand symbolises the essence of Alizay in its quality and the morals of the employees. We bought it back with the factory. The brand made up 100,000 tonnes in its day in both the UK and France. We hope to take back a sector of the market it had earned before. We’re only in the reintroduction stages. I don’t want to make specific targets for risk of disappointment. Above all the
re-launch is a symbol. Alizay has a target of 220,000 tonnes of reams of paper, and 100,000 tonnes of paper reels. Evolve tops off the reindus¬trialisation of the factory, which was the only one to produce the brand. The UK makes up the biggest part of the market. Now we’re also targeting France with a future view to Italy, Spain and Germany.

•Where does the recycled pulp come from? Do you envisage creating it yourselves with the reopening of the pulp unit in Alizay?
The recycled pulp has always comes from our Kent factory. We don’t want to make our own recycled pulp, even with the reopening of this unit. This requires specialists, and Alizay is not logistically equipped.

•How do you want to market Evolve? Is it just a graphic paper?
No, it’s more than that. It’s the whitest of white recycled papers, with an extremely smooth
surface, more so than with our competitors. The main difference between our competitors is that ours is a very fine paper. What’s more, we pay close attention to the specifications of recycled pulp, and strictly control the number of black specks on the surface.
•Have you decided upon a specific pricing policy?
The price will be higher than the Double A brand, since it’s 100% recycled. We’re going to market it differently. There are other competitors on the market, and we can’t differentiate ourselves on this aspect. We want to draw in the customer by emphasising other aspects of the product.
Alizay Mill’s Historical Brand
A 100% Recovered Paper for Everyday Printing

Starting July 2014, Double A Alizay will offer a broader range of paper, thanks to the production of “Evolve Everyday”, a paper manufactured using 100% recov¬ered fiber. Evolve has a high white and smooth paper surface with high opacity, which make it ideal for everyday printings.
Evolve paper brand is certified with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It will be marketed in reams of 500 sheets. The boxes will also be made using recycled fibre.

The Evolve brand extends Double A’s portfolio of sustainable paper range. Consistent to Double A’s unique properties of premium quality and sustainable paper, Evolve brand is made with the same exacting production stadards as Double A. This paper production technology produces paper that has smooth surface for improved copier performance and better opacity for sharper images and outstanding print results.