The Evolve brand was launched in 1996, as the first 100% recycled paper with high whiteness.

Since 2000, a key growth driver for the brand has been the desire of European and other international governments to promote “Green Responsibility”. The demand for high quality recycled paper has accelerated as an outcome of extensive communication campaigns encouraging individuals and businesses to switch to recycled.

Evolve gained rapid acceptance in many countries including UK, France and Australia for the outstanding quality and environmental credentials. In 2013, the Evolve brand and production facilities at the Alizay mill in France were acquired by Double A – a global leader in premium copy paper and subsequently Evolve was re-launched in July 2014 with even better smoothness.

The Evolve brand identity and core values are communicated with a simple marketing concept that creates a link between the natural environment and the products. This concept allows the brand to communicate its philosophy of uncompromising product and environmental performance.

The solution – Evolve. Recycled. No Compromise.